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FlipSide Panel weekend picks for Nov. 13

Each week, some York County locals share what they are doing this weekend. Some favor art, theater, craft beer, wine or music. Some simply like finding something different to do each week. Whatever your interest, see what they're up to this week in November - it might help you plan your Friday or Saturday night.

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Mel Conrad : This Friday, November 13th (yes - another Friday the 13th), I'll be hanging out at the White Rose Bar & Grill, listening to The Janelle Verones Band, beginning at 9 p.m. Details here.

Mary Yeaple: This weekend, I'll be visiting the second annual Makers Dozen Art Tour. Get details here. 

Kara Gonzales: My mom and I are planning on taking a friend to visit Wyndridge after the Makers Dozen event. I'm looking forward to it because I've never been there.

Jeff Gochoco: I want to see the "It's the Little Things" exhibit at HIVE artspace Friday. It just caught my curiosity that there are criteria that everything is small. Details here.

Meagan Feeser: I’m going to check out Weary Arts Group’s Shakespeare on the Rocks presentation of "Romeo & Juliet." Cal Weary was my theater teacher in high school so I love supporting his work. Details here.