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Who won Wolfgang's Chocolate Bunny Challenge?

Find out how the Chocolate Bunny Challenge champ stacks up against Major League Eating competitive eaters.

Dressed in a black wig, bunny ears and a cape, 31-year-old Don Yeager, of Fayetteville, walked into Central Market in downtown York Friday night with one goal in mind.

To reclaim his Chocolate Bunny Challenge title.

“I’m here to get my title back because the guy who beat me last year won by literally two pieces,” he said before the event.

Yeager first competed in Wolfgang Candy Company’s challenge two years ago, finishing a 1.25-pound chocolate bunny in about nine minutes.

The following year, he lost to Steve Hillegass, of Oley, who completed the challenge in a Wolfgang-record seven minutes and 56 seconds.

This year, both competitors returned to face off once again. They were joined by 34-year-old Matt Davis of York, 30-year-old Nate Fochtman of York, 41-year-old Karmen Brady of York and 18-year-old Ryan Flynn of Hatboro.

When the challenge began, all six competitors immediately crushed their bunnies and began inhaling pieces as fast as they could.

In Yeager’s three years competing, he said he learned to eat the larger solid pieces first (the ears and face) and save the crushed hollow pieces for last.

His strategy paid off.

Yeager, Hillegass and Flynn were neck and neck for most of the challenge. But with only a handful of crushed pieces left while the others still had a solid chunk, Yeager pulled away at the end.

His time was nine minutes and 30 seconds.

“I’m honestly surprised that I did it faster the first year,” he said after the contest.

But a win is a win.

Though Yeager said he doesn’t normally consider himself a big chocolate eater, he said he plans to return next year to defend his title again.

“As long as they invite me back, I’ll make a point to do this even if I move far away,” he said.

In the meantime, see how Yeager’s win stacks up against Major League Eating competitive eaters who hold records for eating Easter-themed foods.

Eric “Badlands” Booker: 2 pounds of chocolate candy bars in six minutes

Patrick Bertoletti: 1 pound of 15.5 oz. Chicago Chocolate Hearts in seven minutes; 38 Mars bars in five minutes

Cookie Jarvis: 6 pounds of Easter Feaster meal (ham and potatoes) in 12 minutes

Joey “Jaws” Chestnut: 141 hard-boiled eggs in eight minutes

Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan: 20 hard-boiled eggs in 84 seconds

Seaver Miller: 2 pounds of 10 oz. holiday spiral sliced ham in five minutes

Crazy Legs Conti: 5.5 pounds of buffet food in 12 minutes