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7 unique items from $6 to $2,500 we found at York Flea

It was a dreary day for an outdoor street-fair-style flea market Saturday, but that didn’t stop hundreds from coming downtown for York Flea.

About 30 local vendors lined North Beaver Street with handmade and vintage goods, including jewelry, clothing and home décor.

“It’s like a cool community yard sale,” organizer Kristen Evans said.

The goal was to keep prices low, she added.

The Watchmaker’s Daughter was selling jewelry for as low as 50 cents. But we did find one item at the flea market on sale for $2,500. (Read more about that below.)

If you couldn’t make it downtown Saturday, mark your calendar for upcoming York Flea events Friday, Aug. 5 and Saturday, Oct. 1.

In the meantime, take a look at some of our top finds from the flea market.

Plant a succulent – $6

Prime Art Supply in York planted succulents in wine glasses, coffee cups and other fun dishes for customers at York Flea. For an additional $20 to $24, customers could make it a craft by purchasing paint and brushes to decorate their plant containers.

Rings made from watch parts – $15

[Re]Chic, an online store from Lancaster, sells handcrafted, upcycled and chic items like these unique rings made from old watches. The designs are also available in necklaces and bracelets. Visit to see more.

York T-shirt – $15

Zach Rupert, of Rupert Beard, turns his artwork into t-shirts, stickers and prints. We especially loved this "I Call It Home" York t-shirt, which comes with a "717 or Bust" sticker. Visit to see more designs.

Moss necklaces – $20

Reclaim Supply makes these cute moss necklaces from reclaimed wood and preserved reindeer moss. Our favorite was made with a light blue piece of wood – great for a springtime look. Check out Reclaim Supply's Etsy shop for more jewelry.

LED-lit birdbath – $40

This bright and colorful birdbath was made by Tinker Bella's using an old birdbath for the base and old lamp shades for the bowl. When it's lit up, it looks like stained glass. The York-based shop sells craft home decor using only recycled goods. Other neat items at their booth Saturday included hanging spider plants growing in old light bulbs and bowls made out of old magazines.

Vintage camera lamp – $65

In addition to selling handcrafted, chic goods, [Re]Chic also refurbishes old items. The shop used the flash to turn this vintage camera into a functional lamp.

Short seax knife – $2,500

Nope, that's not a typo. Derick Kemper, of Damselfly Forge, displayed this $2,500 historic replica knife from the time of the Vikings at his York Flea booth Saturday. The knife, made of iron ore he dug up himself and wood shipped from Finland, took about a year to complete, he said. Kemper also brought more affordable items to the flea market, like copper bracelets that he was selling for $8.