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10 Made in America tours you don’t want to miss

Mark your calendars for the Made in America Tours Event June 15-18. Over 25 local businesses across York and the surrounding area will open their doors for visitors to get an inside look at how products and services are made every day.

From breweries to art galleries, Made in America has a slew of events for the whole family to enjoy. Check out these highlights of various Made in America events:

Video: Crafting stringed instruments in York
Originally published October 2009. Bluett Brothers Violins in Spring Garden Township has been crafting stinged instruments for over 30 years.

Bluett Bros. Violins
Check out Bluett Bros. Violins for an inside look at how string instruments are made — the old-fashioned way! Owner Mark Bluett has been a professional Luthier in York for more than 30 years. He makes various violins and acoustic guitars, among other traditional string instruments. Bluett will host live demonstrations during the Made in America Tours Event, welcoming everyone to see up close how string instruments have been made for hundreds of centuries.

Location: 122 Hill St., York. 717-854-9064.

Going, going, gone! These ex-baseball players know what players are looking for in a bat, and strive to make the best custom-made bats money can buy. Browse DS Wood’s impressive selection of custom-made wooden bats and get a glimpse behind the scenes to see how much craftsmanship goes into making these impressive baseball bats.

Location: 6645 Evelyn St., Harrisburg. 717-903-1174.

Video: Watch metal forged
A piece of ornamental iron is heated to 2000 degrees and then formed by Scott Kline on Hess Ornamental Iron in Red Lion.
Paul Kuehnel

Indian Steps Museum 
Take a trip back to Native American times and dive into the lives of the very first residents of York County. Tour one of the first and oldest Native American museums in the United States that has thousands of relics to view. From beautiful arrowheads to beaded necklaces, there is plenty to learn and see in the Indian Steps Museum.

Location: 205 Indian Steps Road, Lower Chanceford Township. 717-862-3948.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company
The weather is just right in Pennsylvania for that perfect ride on a Harley. Take a motorcycle ride to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company headquarters to see how each motorcycle is crafted piece by piece to make the finished product. Browse the broad array of motorcycles through the ages and see how they have evolved to become classic American staples.

Location: 1425 Eden Road, York. 717-852-6590.

Ma & Pa Railroad Preservation Society  
Ride a real train and be your own conductor! Ma & Pa Railroad Preservation Society preserves the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad and is home to Muddy Creek Forks, a live reenactment of life in the early 20th century. Meander through the A.M. Grove Store, railroad station, Post Office, grain elevator, and Muddy Creek Forks Roller Mill with live costumed docents that will immerse yourself in the time period.

Location: 1258 Muddy Creek Forks Road, Lower Chanceford Township. 717-927-9565.

Sunrise Soap Company
Ever wonder how your favorite soaps are made? Sunrise Soap Company, located in the heart of York City, will show you how to make your own soaps using the finest all-natural ingredients. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and put your artisanal soap making skills to the test. Various colors, scents, and molds will be available to try. Plus, these soaps will make the perfect souvenir of the Made in America Tours Event.

Location: 29 N. Beaver St., York. 717-843-7627.

Adams County Winery
There is nothing more relaxing than sharing a glass of wine and some crackers and cheese with a loved one. And, all the grapes are harvested right here in Pennsylvania, making it perfect for the Made in America Tours Event. Adams County Winery has perfected its technique of fermenting grapes to make several tantalizing wines sure to please any picky palate. Tour the vineyard and glimpse into the age-old process of how much care and time it takes to put together a single bottle of wine.

Location: 251 Peach Tree Road, Orrtanna. 717-334-4631.

Brewery Products
Wine not your thing? Check out Brewery Products  to take a tour and see how beer is made and stored, from start to finish. Cap off your tour with a delicious beer tasting, featuring local breweries such as Crystal Ball Brewing Co., South County Brewing Co., Spring House Brewing Co., as well as national favorites like Yuengling.

Location: 1017 N. Sherman St., Springettsbury Township. 717-757-3515.

York Time Institute LLC
These guys put a whole new twist on the phrase “making the most of your time” during the Made in America Tours Event. Observe as watchmakers restore watches, clocks and more back to perfect working order. From ancient to modern clocks, these experts will show you the inner cogs of clocks and the details of how time-keeping really works.

Location: 312 W. Market St., York. 717-848-3152.

Agricultural & Industrial Museum
Nothing says Made in America more than farming. Bringing food from the fields to the table has been such an internal part of York history since the beginning. The Agricultural & Industrial Museum displays some of the oldest farming equipment invented right here in York, including tractors, plows and other farm tools. But it doesn’t just stop at agriculture inventions. York contributed greatly to the Industrial Revolution with pottery, casket manufacturing, and dental supplies as well as WWII, with the “York Plan.” Check out the Agricultural & Industrial Museum to learn more!

Location: 217 W. Princess St., York. 717-846-6452.

Snyder’s of Hanover
The Made in America Tours Event would not be complete without some great snacks! Munch on some pretzels and learn the process behind one of the most popular snack foods. Not to mention the great factory store, which allows you to buy all of your favorite snack foods at discounted prices. What’s not to like?

Location: 1350 York St., Hanover. 717-632-4477.

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