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First Friday + York Flea = Ultimate Sidewalk Sale Experience

First Friday ranks high as one of Yorkers' favorite ways to celebrate York's local businesses, but this week you can find crafts and gifts (for someone you love, or for yourself!) with vendors from York Flea, who will be showcasing their work in conjunction with this month's "Sidewalk Sale" First Friday theme. This is the first time that First Friday and York Flea have teamed up together to create one giant shopping party.

“There are so many great seasonal events in York, but we wanted to bring a regular flea market with a variety of vendors to downtown,” said Jessica Weikert, co-founder of York Flea.

“First Friday is such a wonderful and homegrown event right in York and we’re excited to help build that up,” said Kristen Evans, another co-founder of York Flea. Evans and Weikert have been organizing the series with the help of their third partner, Ariel Linebaugh.

The theme Sidewalk Sale is very fitting for August, with stores opening up their doors spilling out onto the streets of York to the York Flea vendors set up along Pershing Avenue. Although the event is traditionally held on Beaver Street, the York Flea team wanted to test the event in a different location for customers to easily browse the wide selection of goods and services for sale.

“Businesses all over downtown York will have tables and racks of goods on sale outside. The York Flea’s vendors will mirror that just one block away,” said Weikert.

In addition to the usual First Friday festivities, there will be many local musicians performing in the park. Celebrate the end of summer by listening to some relaxing music while sipping half priced drinks from surrounding bars, while shops open their doors and spilling out onto the streets of York for a good old-fashioned sidewalk sale. Don’t forget to challenge your imagination with Creative York as they turn the sidewalk into an underwater paradise using water and chalk.

When you decide to check out the York Flea, there will be over 30+ vendors to choose from, with items ranging from $5 to $200.

“We definitely try to bring in vendors for all price points. There really is something for everyone,” said Evans.

Some vendors to look out for are AB’s Monster Squad, Rad Stickers & Doodads, Why Houses Illustrations and Zoellers.

AB’s Monster Squad sells adorable little monsters that are irresistible! They also specialize in handmade, personalized embroidery products including necklaces, pillows, and signs.

Need a little laughter in your life? Check out Rad Stickers & Doodads to put some fun into your favorite items.

Carly Rumpf, founder of Rad Stickers & Doodads, can’t wait to showcase her designs at the event, which will be the first time she's selling her products in York.

Her ultimate goal at the end of First Friday? To make people smile.

“Rad Stickers & Doodads is my creative outlet. I really love making people laugh and making stupid, silly jokes. If I can make someone smile, then my day has been made,” said Rumpf.

Why Houses Illustrations offers a playful way to tap into your creative side. This artist creates her own animal avatars that she makes into coloring books for both children and adults alike.

Juliette Crosson, who draws the designs herself, taps into her inner childhood dreams to create these whimsical designs.

“I’ve always loved stories and imagery of animal creatures wearing clothes or eating snacks, in tiny worlds all their own,” said Crossen.

Crossen is as excited as Rumpf to have an evening flea market.

“It’s fun that the event is a little different each time, and there are always good vibes in York,” said Crossen.

Handmade jewelry from Zoellers will bring you back to your childhood as well with their goofy designs. Specializing in earrings, Zoellers takes miniatures of everyday objects such as calculators, water bottles, globes and phones and turns them into jewelry.

Whatever your tastes, there is a little bit of everything at this First Friday’s Sidewalk Sale.

If you go: 

What: First Friday Sidewalk Sale

When: 4 to 9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 5

Where: Downtown York (note: York Flea vendors will set up on Pershing Avenue)

Cost: Free

For more information: visit and