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Free rooftop silent disco coming to Lancaster

Love music, making new friends and experiencing new things in downtown Lancaster?

Then, we have your Wednesday night plans all figured out.

From 8 p.m. to midnight, Tellus360 will host a silent disco on the roof of the bar. Yes, you read that correctly. A silent disco.

Justin Ayala and Rich Johnson of the live audio visual mixing group Aortic Valve first brought the idea to Tellus360 last September as a way to comply with Lancaster’s noise ordinance.

Instead of cutting the music at 10 p.m., they held a silent disco where guests could dance and listen to the music through their headphones rather than the bar’s speakers.

Now, the duo is bringing the event back to Tellus360 Wednesday to give locals a preview of the bar’s 2016 season of silent discos.

Wednesday’s event will feature a variety of music from funk and soul to indie to hip hop on by three area DJs: Aortic Valve, Gregg Nyce and DJ Salinger. Guests will be able to flip through three different channels and choose which style of music they’d like to listen to.

“It’s hilarious to watch,” Ayala said. “People are singing to different songs at the same time. Half the crowd is jumping while the other half is swaying.”

This free event will be first-come, first-served up to about 100 people, Ayala said.

Future silent discos held throughout the rest of the year will cost $20.

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