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Rock Lititz expansion nears completion with 81% committed occupancy

As Rock Lititz comes ever closer to the completion of their Pod #2 expansion, the collaborative community envisioned by its developers is beginning to take shape.

Pod #2 will be a 250,000 square foot facility, comprising 10.08 of the campus’ 96 acres, and is slated for completion sometime in December 2016 or January 2017.

The building design was developed to accommodate multiple tenants and provide communal space for interaction between them.

Fourteen tenants have already committed to spaces in the building, which puts the facility already at 81% occupancy upon completion, according to a press release.

Stray Productions, a local Lititz based company specializing in lighting, audio, sound, and event design rentals and services, is one of the tenants who has already committed to Pod #2.

After outgrowing their current location, expanding it, and outgrowing it again, they decided Rock Lititz would give them “more space to stretch our legs,” said Melody Strayer, co-partner of Stray Productions with her husband, Chris, in an email.

“This is a huge move for us, and it's a scary step. Like most other small business owners could attest to, growth is equal parts exciting and terrifying,” she said.

But the intimidation is overwhelmed by excitement over the potential of Rock Lititz.

“It's a little embarrassing how excited we are about this space. We have sketched drawings on napkins at diners, had staff meetings to discuss design plans, and spent a mind-boggling amount of time on Pinterest trying to nail down specifics,” said Strayer.

She also praised the staff and philosophy of Rock Lititz, writing that “we are huge fans of what Rock Lititz is doing.”

“We all bring our talents to the table- and man, they're cool on their own. But when we put all those talents together, the end result is phenomenal,” said Strayer.

Other local companies committed as tenants include Rock Lititz co-founder Clair Global, Project Opus Films, ATOMIC, Candy Factory, Upstage Video, Rock-It Cargo, TFB Catering, Lititz Bike Works and the Lititz recCenter, who will be opening a site called recROC.

“This center will provide services not currently offered at the recCenter including Bouldering, Boulder specific training, bouldering competitions, climbing clinics by nationally known expert Eric Horst, climbing workshop provided by many local, certified climbers, obstacle course training and competitive events,” wrote Karen Mailen, executive director of Lititz recCenter.

The space will also feature gym equipment, and a number of fitness classes will be offered.

National companies are also amongst the ranks of the committed tenants of Pod #2. These include Yamaha Professional Audio, Columbus McKinnon Entertainment, Pyrotek Special Effects, Inc., and Tour Supply, an equipment supply company based out of St. Paul, MN.

“When we first heard about Rock Lititz, we knew it would be a first class facility because of who was involved. Both Tait and Clair are well known throughout our industry as the best at what they do,” said Tour Supply CEO Lance Wascom, referring to the co-partners responsible for Rock Lititz, in an email.

Wascom also spoke in admiration of the facility’s collaborative potential, calling Pod #2 “something unlike anywhere else in the world.”

“Companies who service the same clientele can collaborate face to face on projects that will continue to revolutionize the touring industry,” he said.

Though a national company, Tour Supply is excited to interact with the local area, reflecting an emphasis on the local which Rock Lititz has stressed since its inceptions.

“Lastly, all of us who have visited the area are blown away by the people in Lititz, Lancaster, and surrounding areas. We can’t wait to get started and become more involved with the local community,” said Wascom.