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What: Craig Wayne Boyd in concert, featuring a performance from York's own DaNica Shirey

When: 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 18

Where: The Pullo Center at Penn State York, 1031 Edgecomb Ave., York

Cost: $30

For tickets and more information: Visit .

Local fans of "The Voice" are in for a treat on June 18.

Not only will "The Voice" season seven winner Craig Wayne Boyd perform a concert at Penn State York's Pullo Center, but fans at the show will also see fellow contestant and local favorite DaNica Shirey perform a few songs.

As soon as Shirey found out Boyd was performing in York, she said she called him and told him they had to sing together.

"It'll be really exciting to see him again," she said. "Not everybody comes near our little hometown, so that's really exciting for us."

Since winning "The Voice," Boyd has kept himself busy performing, traveling and working on his currently untitled new album, which will be released sometime this year.

While traveling across Florida on a recent Wednesday afternoon, Boyd took some time to talk about life after "The Voice," his new music and his first York concert.

Q: What is life after winning "The Voice" like?

A: No breaks. Literally after winning the show, I was immediately on a plane to New York and then right back to LA. Three days after, I was playing my first show in Dallas. And I pretty much haven't stopped since. I was playing on the first of January. And I think I slept in my own bed at this point probably about 10 times.

Q: Have you been in touch with your coach Blake Shelton after "The Voice"?

A: Absolutely. He's helped me out big time on the business side of things, helping me put together the right team. (He told me) just to trust my instincts and stick to my guns.

Catching up with DaNica

Q: What have you been working on since "The Voice"?

A: I have been writing a lot ... There definitely is some really exciting news that I have. But I'm kind of waiting to hear the final OK that I can speak about it. I'm going crazy. This time a year ago, I was hiding secrets that I auditioned for "The Voice" and now I'm hiding secrets of what's going on for my future music.

Q: Have you heard from Pharrell Williams?

A: I did ... That's a little more of the secret process I'm talking about. It has to do with him. I'm talking to him and have some stuff in the mix, but it's still going to be quite the surprise. It's not what anybody's going to expect.

Q: Did you follow this season of "The Voice"?

A: I did ... Not even specifically any reason for her being on Pharrell's team, but Koryn Hawthorne, I'm just in love with her. I think she has one of the most beautiful voices I ever heard. I bought all of her songs. I'm really glad I wasn't on her season so I didn't have to (compete) with her. I reached out to her and said we should do a song together ... I'm going to beg Pharrell to hook us up together.

Q: DaNica Shirey has mentioned several times that you were one of her closest friends from the show. How would you describe your friendship?

A: Oh my goodness, she just immediately was like a little sister to me...She's got some great things going on right now that I'm very excited for her about. And I'm hoping to have her on stage with me when we come out there.

Q: Have you ever been to York before?

A: No ... Definitely looking forward to coming out there though. I wanted to get into the Pennsylvania area, so we made sure we made that happen — not only because of having friends in the area but also the love and support from that region.

Q: What can people expect to hear at your York concert?

A: It'll be a rock show playing country music. It's high energy. It'll be a healthy mix of (new songs and songs from "The Voice.") Previous to "The Voice," I had two albums out. So, there's a lot of songs that folks have gone on and bought and will be familiar with.

Q: Do you have plans to release an album this year?

A: The album's just about finished up...But I'm very excited. We have already started playing some of those songs out on the road though. We debuted our song on "The Voice" this season called "I'm Still Here." It's really, it's a song that really just tells my story throughout "The Voice."

Q: What advice do you have for others trying to make it in the music industry?

A: Play shows. If that's what you want to do for a living, then go out and play. Every coffee shop, every stage that will allow you to play, play there. It gives you the experience, gives you the knowledge to be able to (turn) that into larger events and larger shows. If you can't do that, quit. I'm just kidding with that one, but if you can put it down, then put it down. That's what I would say.

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