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Cumberland Valley School of Music to present Army Field Band flute recital

CHAMBERSBURG >> Cumberland Valley School of Music is sponsoring an Army Field Band Flute Recital and Masterclass on Sunday, Sept. 20, in the Thomson Alumnae Chapel, Wilson College. Admission is free for the audience and the participants.

"It is part of the Army Field Band's mission to bring their wealth of performing and teaching experience to musicians across the country. We are very pleased to be able to offer this experience to our area," said Heather McEndree, CVSM program manager.

As scheduled, the flute section's recital will take place at 2 p.m., and be followed by a masterclass at 3 p.m., which is open to anyone interested.

Information to be covered in the class can benefit anyone from the first-year beginner, to band directors and instructors, to serious college students. Topics planned will include embouchure, breathing, tone production, finger dexterity, articulation and advanced techniques. Further information will be shared about the practice routine, ensemble playing, instrument maintenance and other topics of interest.

McEndree said she and CVSM instructor Tim Gotwald began about 18 months ago to investigate the possibility of bringing the flute event to Chambersburg. Both McEndree and Gotwald are accomplished flutists. Field Band Flute Section Leader Katayoon Hodjati, helped McEndree to organize the local presentation.

Thomson Chapel is on the first floor of Thomson Hall. Audience members and participants parking to the rear of the building can use the long sidewalk entry near the CVSM sign to enter the hall's stairwell. After going up the stairs, go through the fire doors and to the right. Handicapped accessibility is provided via the Lenfest Commons entryway.

Call 717-263-1220 or visit for more information and details about the event.