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Choose the right glass for your beer

To enjoy full flavors of craft beer, some brewers say the glass matters. Here's a breakdown of what type of glass you should be drinking your favorite beers from.


"I made a promise to never serve any of our beer in a standard pint glass," said Jason Mininger, owner of Aldus Brewing Company in Hanover. "I don't want to take this to a point of snobbery. It's really a point of pride."

Mininger said craft brewers like him aren't making beer for mass consumption, so why wouldn't he serve his beer in a proper glass? If you have a Picasso you wouldn't put it in a cheap frame, right?


Did you know you can order half pints at some local breweries and bars, such as Holy Hound Taproom in York and Spring House Brewing Company in Lancaster? Spring House serves 20-ounce pints (4 ounces more than typical pint glasses) —so, a half pint there is 10 ounces, and half the price.


Scott Eden, owner of Holy Hound in downtown York, said cost is a determining factor when it comes to glasses served at the bar. Eden has about eight different kind of glasses at Holy Hound. Most beers are served in a pint glass, which gives drinkers 16 ounces and is most difficult to break. Holy Hound typically serves drinks from Wyndridge, Liquid Hero and Crystal Ball in pint glasses. Often expensive beers and those high in alcohol, such as Spring House Brewing Company's Satan's Bake Sale, are served in smaller glasses, like a chalice or snifter. Not sure how your beer will be served? Check Holy Hound's chalkboard to see what ounce number is written beside of your beer: 22 ounce is a weizen, 16 ounces is a pint, 14 ounces is a tulip, 12 ounces is a brandy snifter, footed pilsner or chalice (also known as a Chimay glass), 10 ounces is a goblet and 9 ounce is the smallest snifter.


Intensifies hop aroma.

Tröegs : Tröegs Pale Ale, HopBack Amber, Perpetual IPA, Nugget Nectar, JavaHead Stout, Hop Knife, Blizzard of Hops


Confines head, accentuates natural aromas.Great for higher gravity and bottle-conditioned beers.

Tröegs: Mad Elf, Master of Pumpkins, high-ABV Scratch Beers

Liquid Hero : AK Sour beer, Russian Imperial Stout

Mudhook Brewing Company : Belgian Dubbel

Spring House Brewing Company : Orange Zest Saison, Daphne, Neil, Dean, Glenn, Cliff, Penelope, Rick, Joey, Fred


Easy to drink from and can hold volume.

Crystal Ball Brewing Company : Coconut Porter, All-Seeing IPA (could be served in a pint)


Shows color and promotes head retention.

Crystal Ball Brewing Company: Clairvoyance lager


Originally used to shake up cocktails, the pint is widely used to serve beer because it's cost-effective.

Liquid Hero: American Hero, Schweet Ale, Irregardless IPA, Adams Stout, Freight House Porter, Heroweizen

Crystal Ball Brewing Company: Pale Ale, All-Seeing IPA, Breakfast Stout with Bacon

Mudhook Brewing Company : Hook Bender Double IPA, Redeye Irish Red, Tweed Rive Strong Ale, Deep Sea Stout

Spring House Brewing Company: Seven Gates Pale Ale, Big Gruesome, The Astounding She-Monster, Diabolical Doctor Wit

Wyndridge Farm : Laughing Crow IPA, 10 Point Ale


Able to capture the aromas of strong ales.

Crystal Ball Brewing Company: Belgian Tripel

Spring House Brewing Company: Citra Must Be Destroyed

Aldus Brewing Company: Carolinus Belgian Double IPA, Scottish Wee Heavy


Traditional German glass that draws out malt and hop nuances.

Aldus Brewing Company: American Blonde Ale, Olde Factory Amber IPA


Supports foamy heads.

Wyndridge Farm: El Dorado Imperial Pale Ale, Chocolate Vanilla Porter


Locks in aromas and takes on volume and head. Great for wheat beers.

Mudhook Brewing Company: Wild River Weizen

Wyndrige Farm: French Farmhouse Ale

Tröegs: Troegenator, Cultivator, Sunshine Pils, Lager-style Scratch Beers


Jesse James De Salvo of Crystal Ball Brewing Company in West York encourages Crystal Ball drinkers to use whatever glass they want. So, if you want to drink the Coconut Porter in a solo cup or sand castle bucket, go for it. "We want all craft-beer-drinkers to consume it however they can; whatever's available," he said.