If you love oldtime TV shows — and really, who doesn't? — you will love the next offering at Lebanon Community Theatre.

The fourth annual "Broadway at the Barn" — an important fundraiser for the nonprofit theater — will take the audience on a trip down memory lane by featuring the music of classic television from the 1950s to the '80s.

Two performances are scheduled: Friday, June 12, and Saturday, June 13, at 7:30 p.m. A wine-and-cheese social and a silent auction will precede the show. The suggested donation is $25 per person; tickets can be ordered online at

Directed by Carol Saltzer, the show is a delightful romp through the history of variety shows and sitcoms. The cast is predominantly

teens and younger children, but there are some exceptional contributions by adults, as well.

Act I opens with the "Stay Tuned Medley" and audience members will find themselves singing along to familiar theme songs from the likes of "The Addams Family," "The Flintstones," "Bewitched," "The Jetsons," "Cheers," "Laverne & Shirley," "The Brady Bunch," "Mr.

Ed" and many more.

The rest of the show is divided into three eras according to a famous TV emcee: Ed Sullivan, played by Ed Neiman; Dick Clark, played

by Rick Kopecky; and Ryan Seacrest, played by AJ Groy. Each emcee stands at the side of the stage and introduces the acts from his era.

For example, Kopecky dons a glittery gold suit and makes the girls scream while doing his best Elvis Presley. Also on the Ed Sullivan Show, Jasmine Stoner sings "Stop in the Name of Love" as Diana Ross, and Anicka Rios, dressed in a sailor costume, is Shirley Temple singing "Good Ship Lollipop."

Dick Clark's "American Bandstand" features the LCT children's cast as the Mickey Mouse Club performing the "Mickey Mouse March."

Carol and Ken Saltzer do a fun version of the "Green Acres" duet made famous by Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor.

The adult cast — filling the roles of Gilligan, the skipper, Ginger, MaryAnn & company — does a nice job with the "Gilligan's Island" theme.

A true show-stopper occurs when Neiman and Sybil Stambaugh sit at the piano, as Archie and Edith from "All in the Family," and sing

that show's opener, "Those Were The Days." Stambaugh is a hoot, hitting the high notes in the same ditsy, blabbering fashion as Edith Bunker.

Act II opens with the Seacrest (Groy) era and features tributes to "The Muppet Show," "The Love Boat," "Hannah Montana," "Friends,"

"American Idol" and Carol Burnett.

Brian Fosnocht channels his Jack Jones very well with a solo of "The Love Boat" theme. Teens Abby Wolf, Brooke Halinar and Rachel

Campbell are a delight prancing around the stage while singing "The Best of Both Worlds" from "Hannah Montana."

The audience will love the LCT's take on "American Idol." Fosnocht, Stambaugh and Mindy Harmon are wonderful as the show's judges.

Fosnocht plays the biting, sarcastic Simon Cowell, complete with British accent. Stambaugh's character, holding an empty wine glass,

obviously has had too much to drink and is hilarious. Harmon's character, ditsy under a pink wig, delivers the one-liners with great


The "Broadway at the Barn" children's cast includes Reagan Bates, Aaliyah Blakey, Riley Danielewicz, Madison Drupp, Meghan Farling,

Julia Fosnocht, Kalyn Harmon, Abigail Leiboff, Emily Leiboff, Aerynne Mays, Sean McCurdy, Alexis Messner, Sophie Mize, Jenna Murray,

Lauren Murray, Aviyo Ramos, Anicka Rios Elliot Tucker, Melayna Turner.

The teen and adult cast includes Tyler Bradley, Rachel Campbell, Garrett Curfman, Julia D'Orazio, Leigh Ann Farling, Brian Fosnocht,

Tori Gaffey, AJ Groy, Brooke Halinar, Mindy Harmon, Benjamin Kapp, Rick Kopecky, Erin Long, Sidney Mize, Ed Neiman, Carol Saltzer,

Ken Saltzer, Todd Snovel, Sybil Stambaugh, Jasmine Stoner, Ethan Tucker, Dawn Tucker, Abigail Wolf.

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