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How well do you know 'VeggieTales' song lyrics?

“VeggieTales” fans, get excited. Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber are coming to York Nov. 14.

And you can bet they’ll be singing your favorite silly songs, like “The Hairbrush Song” and “I Love My Lips,” as well as songs that inspire like “Big Things Too.”

Think you’re a VeggieTales expert? Take this quiz and see how well you know these VeggieTales lyrics.

1. “If you like to talk to ______________ , if a ______________ can make you smile, if you like to waltz with ______________ up and down the produce aisle … have we got a show for you!”

2. "Oh, where is my ______________ ? Oh where is my ______________ ? Oh, where, oh, where, oh, where, oh, where, oh, where, oh, where, oh, where, oh, where oh, where ... is my ______________ ?"

3. “Some kings love horses, and some kings love cattle. Some kings love leading their troops into battle. But me, I’m not like that. I find that stuff … ______________ . I’d much rather stay in my tub with my ______________ ! Because I love my ______________ !"

4. “Everybody’s got a ______________ . Yours is fast, but mine is slow. Oh, where we’d get them, I don’t know. But everybody’s got a ______________ .”

5. “We are the ______________ who don’t do anything. We just stay at home and lie around. And if you ask us to do ______________ , we’ll just tell you, we don’t do ______________ .”

6. “If my ______________ said, ‘Adios, I don't like you. I think you're ______________ ,’ that'd be too bad, I might get mad.”

7. “He said to her, ‘I'd like a ______________ . And I might like a milkshake as well.’ She said to him, ‘I can't give you either.’ He said, ‘Isn't this ______________ __________?’”

8. “You're big, I'm ______________ . My head only comes to your ______________ . But I say little guys can do big things too.”

If you go

What: "VeggieTales Live! Little Kids Do Big Things"

When: 2 and 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 14

Where: Penn State York’s Pullo Center, 1031 Edgecomb Ave., York

Tickets: $25 and $38 for general admission, $75 for VIP (includes meet-and-greet with characters)

More information: Visit

Answers: 1. tomatoes, squash, potatoes 2. hairbrush, hairbrush, hairbrush 3. yucky, ducky, duck 4. water buffalo, water buffalo 5. pirates, anything, anything 6. lips, gross 7. cheeseburger, Burger Bell 8. little, middle  ​