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'Game of Thrones': Plans for the next wars set

Even when "Game of Thrones" delivered a slower episode, they still managed to bring the fireworks on Memorial Day Weekend. While nothing this episode was incredibly earth-shattering, plenty of small events occur that will set up the final episodes of the season.

The first three episodes of Season 5 did the same thing. It provides a calm before the eventual storm, with events happening from one end of the "Game of Thrones" map to the other.

Here's a chance to catch up, reset the chess board and prepare for some intense upcoming episodes.

Prepare for all "Game of Thrones" spoilers from Season 6, Episode 6, "Blood of My Blood."

Quick Hits

  • Anybody else get super hype and fist pump when Uncle Benjen was revealed to be Coldhands? Not only was the Coldhands reveal a huge deal, but hearing how Benjen became Coldhands is an incredible tale. 
  • I love when Benjen tells Bran that "(Bran will) be ready when the Night's King comes." Anyone want to put together an 80s-style fight training montage like "Rocky in Rocky IV" before he fights Drago? #ThanksInAdvance
  • With Bran's training against the Night's King full-go, I think it's safe to say we'll see more visions from Bran, including the conclusion of the Tower of Joy scene. 
  • Also, that Mad King flashback was awesome! Hopefully there's more to that scene as well. 

Beast in the East

  • It was a short scene, but Daenerys finally gave fans what they wanted — a total focus on reclaiming her seat in Westeros. She still needs ships to get across the sea, but I wonder where she could get, say, 1,000 ships from?
  • When Daenerys starts speaking Dothraki or Valyrian, she becomes BAEnerys, am I right? I'll end the dad jokes here.

Tullys, Lannisters and Freys, Oh My!

  • Cersei said it best, Jaime looks best when he's leading an army. This is the most powerful fans have seen Jaime since before he was captured by Robb Stark. It'll be nice to see him in Lannister crimson again. 
  • I like how the Jaime's dismissal from the Kingsguard mirrored that of Jaime's idol Barristan Selmy. Barristan's dismissal didn't bode so well for Joffrey, hopefully Tommen's doesn't end up the same way. 
  • With the Blackfish ready to ride out a siege by the looks of the Episode 7 preview, I'm not sure where Sansa is going to come up with more soldiers to aid her fight against Ramsey Bolton. Maybe this is where Petyr Baelish can ask his forgiveness for feeding Sansa to Ramsey last year. 
  • It's a small detail, but I love that "Game of Thrones" didn't recast any older characters, like Walder Frey, the Blackfish and Benjen Stark in this episode and Rickon in an earlier episode. Fans haven't seen these important characters in years, it's nice that they're identifiable by looks. 
  • Looking ahead, it looks like we may get a Brienne/Jaime meeting soon. When looking at the episode trailer for next week, we know Jaime arrives at Riverrun and when looking at the Season 6 trailer, you can see images of Brienne in Riverrun. (Go to 2:25 in this video, it's a quick shot)

Odds and Ends

  • If I'm a fan of Arya — and I am — I'm worried about what will happen to her. Even if she does manage to kill the Waif, how will she escape Braavos and where will she go next?
  • At least Arya has Needle back, right? There's a happy reunion!
  • I had Arya pegged for losing her identity and being sent to kill Jon by Jaquen in a later season, so know that I know that isn't happening, I'm lost as to where her storyline heads next.
  • While Sam stealing Heartsbane (his father's sword) is a sign of Sam stepping up, it'll bode well when he needs to do more research on killing White Walkers. Heartsbane is a Valyrian sword, much like Jon Snow's Longclaw and fans saw what that did to a White last year. 
  • The belief, among many Reddit threads and "Game of Thrones" lore readers, is that Valyrian swords are made with a certain magic. Here's a good explainer on Valyrian steel

Tommen and Margaery found Gods. Now what?

Here's where things get tricky with "Game of Thrones" this week.

Tommen and Margaery have found the faith and have renounced their families, evidenced by Tommen changing his sigil (the symbol on the front of the Kingsguard). But why does this matter in the "Game of Thrones" realm?

Essentially, this signals the end of both the Lannisters and Tyrells.

Sure, there are other members of the houses, but none in the family line. Tommen is the last Baratheon after Joffrey and Myrcella's deaths. Margaery does have Loras as a brother, but we saw  how weak he was last week, not to mention how much he rejected marriages in the past.

While saving the lovely couple is possible, it seems that with Jaime headed to Riverrun and Cersei's trial by combat coming up shortly, time is running out on those hopes.

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