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Need art supplies? Hanover arts guild can help

Years ago, Sara Little sat in an art class instructed by well-known collage artist Jonathan Talbot.

Out of everything she took away from him, there was one statement she still uses today to teach her students: Everything that has been done before you, has been done for you.

"Do something different with (the artwork)," she says.

Little, vice president of Art Downtown at the Hanover Area Arts Guild, recently created a new program called "Share our art resources (S.O.A.R.) at our Art Bank." This initiative allows people to donate art supplies to the guild for members and nonmembers to use for projects.

After a day of shopping at a local crafts store, she witnessed parents out with their kids buying copious amounts of art supplies, which adds up financially, she said.

That moment was enough inspiration to begin this program.

In the time of sharing, as Little calls it, with accommodations like Uber, a ride-sharing service, and Airbnb, which lets people host guests in their home, Little created S.O.A.R. to be a part of that cooperative atmosphere.

"I just want the public to know we're there," she said. "I'm in it to share and give back as much as I can."

If someone is not a member of Art Downtown at the Hanover Area Arts Guild, but needs to create a sign for a yard sale, a banner for an event or needs supplies to complete a school project, he or she can come to the guild during designated times to use the building's supplies.

In return, the guild only asks for a monetary donation of any amount to the student scholarship jar, which supports one lucky student heading to art school each year.

What's more, those who take advantage of the program will have access to Little's knowledge of the arts. She is volunteering her time to help guide people in their creative process.

"(Little's) a champion at encouraging. It's amazing what she can pull out of everybody," said Judy Tessem, an art student of Little's for more than two years.

Tessem believes Little will be a great asset to people who take part in the S.O.A.R. program. With plenty of time spent with her, she knows how Little ticks.

"She's just brimming full of ideas all the time," Tessem said. "She can give you technical guidance and creative inspiration. But she won't do it for you; she brings it out of you."

People have already donated items such as yarn, an easel and scrapbook items for the new program, Little said. Everything is acceptable, but she recommends calling first to make sure there aren't too many doubles.

Art Downtown plans to start sharing the supplies with members and nonmembers in September. The initial plan, Little said, is to make the items available to the public during designated hours twice per month. More information will be available closer to September.

"I want to be able to share," Little said. "One day I'm not going to be here. If I pass on my discoveries to you, you can do something different with it."

To donate

Contact: Sara Little at 717-359-7191