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Seven sandwiches for National Sandwich month

Sandwiches are awesome, but you don’t need me to tell you that.

Just like me, your parents sent you to school with cold cut sandwiches or a breakfast sandwich got you through the day at work. They’re the one food item that can appeal to everyone, whether they be the strictest vegetarian or the barbecue lover hell-bent on using as few utensils as possible.

But where can you find the best sandwiches in York County?

In honor of August being National Sandwich month, here’s the seven best sandwiches in York County.

“Mr. Brown’s Veggie Melt” at Brown’s Orchard

Where: 8892 Susquehanna Trail South, Loganville

Price: $7.95

What: A mix of sautéed zucchini, sweet peppers, mixed red and green peppers and red onions with garlic herb cheese melted on top. Topped with fresh spinach and homemade mayo on a multigrain ciabatta bread.

My take: Looking to eat healthier without making the full jump into vegetarianism? Look no further. This sandwich may be a bit too messy for what I usually like, but the mix of local vegetables is too much to pass up. The cheese on top takes it to another level.

Their take: “We just try to use simple ingredients. I’m not going to bombard you with a sandwich that has 10 ingredients on it,” said Brown Bean Café assistant manager Rachel Lauver, who added that Brown’s tries to use as many local ingredients as possible.

Your take: “Brown’s Orchard has a great café. One of my favorites is Denise’s Italian.” – Mandy Morton


Grilled Mac-n-Cheese at Mad Dash

Where: Mad Dash food truck or at York Revolution home games

Price: $7 when sold on the truck, $8.50 at Revolution games

What: Homemade mac-n-cheese inside of a grilled cheese sandwich using Pepper Jack Cheese with bread from Terranetti’s Italian Bakery in Mechanicsburg

My take: Mad Dash’s bright yellow truck is a popular sight at any event. The sandwich is everything you’d want – a crispy bread for the grilled cheese outside and soft, gooey mac-n-cheese inside. Guaranteed to sidetrack your plan for any event they’re at… in a good way.

Their take: “I think (people like it) because it’s different,” explains Mad Dash owner Jessica Boryszewski. “People ask, ‘Is that really mac-n-cheese inside of a sandwich?’ and we say ‘Yup. It sure is.’ … You don’t see it anywhere.”

Your take: “I just think the mac-n-cheese paired with the Pepper Jack makes it amazing. I had them during the street rods two years ago. And then I started seeing where they would be on the events calendar.” – Alicia Breighner


The Three Pigs at Stewartstown Smokehouse and Beer Barn

Where: 9 N. Hill St., Stewartstown

Price: $9.95

What: A pulled pork sandwich with shaved ham, bacon and topped with a fried egg, served with French fries.

My take: I’m a sucker for good barbecue, and this sandwich knocks it out of the park. The fried egg is just gives me another reason why I can have this sandwich for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

Their take: “This is my personal favorite,” general manager April Shipley said. “The pork, the ham, the bacon, the egg… that just makes the best sandwich.”

Your take: “It’s awesome. The fried egg pushes the sandwich over the top – it makes a decadent sauce over the pulled pork, thinly sliced ham and bacon," Angela Mays said.

Ham and cheese sub at Henry’s Ham

Where: York Central Market, 34 W. Philadelphia St., York

Price: $2.50 for a sub

What: Ham and cheese on a sub roll with your choice of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and mayo.

My take: This may seem like your run-of-the-mill ham and cheese sandwich, but the fresh ingredients and cheap price have kept customers satisfied for decades.

Their take: "We use the best ham that I can get," owner Fred Henry said, adding that the atmosphere of the market aids in the experience.

Your take: "They're pretty good," said Paul Meyer, who noted that he liked the sub's price.

Roast beef pretzel sandwich at York City Pretzel

Where: 39 W. Market St., York

Price: $5

What: Berk’s (Reading, Pa.) medium rare roast beef on a pretzel bun with your choice of provolone, Swiss, American or cheddar cheese.

My take: I thought coming from New Jersey, I knew everything about pretzels. I thought wrong. YCP has legendary pretzels, but making a pretzel bun and putting premium-quality roast beef with it is a game changer. And for $5, that’s a steal.

Their take: “I think the roast beef stands out because it’s really high quality and excellent value,” Phil Given, York City Pretzel owner said. “We have a customer that comes in three times a week for that sandwich.”

Your take: "(The) deli sandwiches are great," Tony Matero said. "Flavorful and filling. One of the best lunch deals around."

Alabama Slammer at Baron Von Schwein

Where: 35 W. Market St., York

Price: $8.50

What: Smoked chicken, sauteed onion, dried apricots, American cheese with Alabama white sauce served on a long roll.

My take: I wouldn't have thought dried apricots and smoked chicken could mesh on a sandwich, but boy did Baron Von Schwein prove me wrong. Makes me want to try more sweet abd smoky combinations on a regular basis. Great portions for a small price.

Their take: "This sandwich is just one of the best Baron options for a sweet and savory taste," said Korin Deitz, who works at Baron Von Schwein. Cook Tyler Franczak added, "It's something that's not going to sit super heavy on a hot day."

Your take: "(The Alabama Slammer) was a really good combination of flavors. Sweet, but not too sweet because of the sauce," Megan Ohrt said.

Short rib grilled cheese at Victor’s of York

Where: 554 S. Ogontz St., York

Price: $14

What: Slow braised pulled short rib with melted gouda cheese on artisan bread with a touch of barbecue sauce.

My take: This is a great way to eat ribs without having to worry about the mess that ribs leave behind. Serving it with smoked gouda cheese on a artisan, panini-style bread just makes this sandwich fancier.

Their take: "You have a pork barbecue fad with everyone doing that, so we do it a bit different," George Scheffer, executive chef at Victor's said. "It's a great sandwich that you could eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

Your take: “It's grilled to perfection. The meat is tender and flavorful. My mouth is watering thinking about it!,” Linda Slenker said.


Anthony J. Machcinski is the Food and Drink reporter for FlipsidePA and the York Daily Record. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter, or email him at