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10 Halloween costumes under $10

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The average household will spend $125 on Halloween, buying candy, decorations and costumes, according to Forbes magazine.

The cost of a costume alone can be upwards of $50.

If you're looking to wear a killer costume this year without the deadly price tag, you're in luck.

We've made a list of cheap costumes you can pull together for roughly under $10.

1. Black cat (or any animal)

This costume is a staple for anyone looking to spend under $10.

Whatever animal you want to be, there are a pair of cheap animal ears out there.

Amazon has black cat ears for under $2. You can't beat that.

After you've got the ears, the rest of the outfit is a cinch.

Put on black, draw a few whiskers on your face, and you've got yourself a costume.

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2. Vampire

This costume might be the most cost effective of them all.

You can buy a party pack of 12 vampire teeth for around $6.

So technically, your whole family could dress up as vampires for under $10.

Pop in some teeth, draw a line of fake blood coming out of your mouth (we suggest lipstick) and strike a pose!

3. Angel or devil 

This is a great couples costume.

If you're looking to match your sibling, your friend or your significant other, this is a cheap solution.

For the angel, you will need a pair of wings and for the devil you will need horns.

With the angel decked out in all white and the devil donning all red, together you'll be a heavenly (or hellish) pair!

5. Bandit

Be an old school crook this Halloween with only a few simple accessories.

You'll need a black and white striped shirt and a mask.

Here's a tip: if you can't find a cheap black mask, you can always draw one on with eyeliner.

To top off the look, grab a black beanie. Amazon has them for under $3.

6. Grandma or grandpa

This look can be entirely free if your grandparents let you raid their closet.

But if they aren't feeling so generous, your local thrift shop is sure to have the outfit you need.

Look for a classic sweater vest or some pleated slacks. Glasses always help too!

7. Zombie

Who doesn't want to be pretend to be on the gorier side of the zombie apocalypse for a night?

All you'll need for this costume is some face paint. After all, zombies are just people who had a run in with some bad luck.

So dress like a human would. Get some old clothes and rip them up a bit, grab a face paint kit and go to work!

There are quick and easy tutorials on Youtube to get you started, and any costume shop is sure to have the paint kit.

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8. Alien

No one is quite sure what aliens look like, or if they really exist. So feel free to make this costume entirely your own.

We suggest wearing green, blue or silver and putting glitter on your face.

Pop some antennae on your head and you'll look like a star child in no time.

7. Skeleton

This spooky costume will make it look like you put a lot of effort into your costume, when you really only took a few simple steps

Get a white and black tee shirt, choose one to cut slits in. This one will go on top.

Use scissors to make the cuts resemble a rib cage. Layer this shirt over the other.

And if you want to go all out, grab your face paint and get to work!

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9. Witch

One of the most iconic costumes of all time doesn't cost much.

You'll only need one thing, a witch's hat.

Amazon has hats for $6.

From there, wear whatever you'd like.

Be a modern sorceress in jeans or a Salem-era hauntress in a gown.

And if you have a black cat, she'll be a great prop for pictures.

10. Superhero

Being a superhero is tough work, but dressing like one for a night doesn't have to be.

With two yards of fabric, some scissors and a safety pin, you have yourself the most important piece of the costume - a cape.

This costume works for anyone at any age, but kids will especially love it. Let your child pick their favorite color cape and create their own superhero name.

They can even draw themselves a logo!

Paint on a mask or pick one up for cheap and they'll have what it takes to save the world for a night!