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Where can you get non-alcoholic beer near York?

Maybe you're on the wagon or you're the designated driver. Maybe you like the taste of beer without the booze. Whatever the reason you might want to order a non-alcoholic beer, your menu options are often slim.

Below is a list of local places around York, Pa. where you can find NA beer, also known as "near beer," beyond the standard O'Doul's.

Beer Mongers

3000 S. Queen St., Dallastown

Phone: 717-501-4251


Varieties: O'Doul's, Clausthaler

Race Horse Tavern

738 N. Biesecker Rd., Thomasville

Phone: 717-792-9838


Variety: Coors

Brewskee's of Shiloh

2010 Carlisle Road, York

Phone: 717-764-2667


Varities: Labatt Blue, Kaliber (made by Guinness), Buckler, St. Pauli Girl, Coors, Old Milwaukee, Busch, Beck's, O'Doul's, Clausthaler, Genesee, and Paulaner

C&D Bar & Grill

6465 York Road, New Oxford

Phone: 717-479-5369


Varieties: Beck's, St. Pauli Girl

Holy Hound Taproom

57 W. Market St., York

Phone: 717-855-2410


Varieties: While not all at once, Holy Hound has had Clausthaler, Beck's, St. Pauli Girl and Buckler, made by Heineken, in its fridge.

The Vault Pizza & Deli

1990 Carlisle Road, York

Phone: 717-764-6666


Variety: Labatt Blue

Glen Rock Mill Inn

50 Water St., Glen Rock

Phone: 717-235-5918


Variety: Beck's

The Valley Tavern

1 Cherry St., Seven Valleys

Phone: 717-428-3843


Variety: Buckler

Spry Beer and Soda

2426 S. Queen St., York

Phone: 717-741-6886


Varieties: Beck's, Busch, Buckler, Coors, Kaliber, Labatt, O'douls, O'Doul's Amber, Old Milwaukee, St. Pauli Girl and Warsteiner

North York Beverage Co.

1848 Susquehanna Trail, York

Phone: 717-848-6054

Varieties: O'Doul's, St. Pauli Girl, Buckler, Labatt Blue, Coors, Old Milwaukee and Busch

Golden Brew Distributing

3995 N George Street Extension, Manchester

Phone: 717-266-0817

Varieties: O'Doul's, Busch, St. Pauli Girl, Old Milwaukee and Beck's

Mark Walters drinks non-alcoholic beer exclusively. Contact him at 771-2032 or follow him on Twitter at @walt_walters.