Maybe you're on the wagon or you're the designated driver. Maybe you like the taste of beer without the booze. Whatever the reason you might want to order a non-alcoholic beer, your menu options are often slim.

Below is a list of local places around York, Pa. where you can find NA beer, also known as "near beer," beyond the standard O'Doul's.

Beer Mongers

3000 S. Queen St., Dallastown

Phone: 717-501-4251


Varieties: O'Doul's, Clausthaler

Race Horse Tavern

738 N. Biesecker Rd., Thomasville

Phone: 717-792-9838


Variety: Coors

Brewskee's of Shiloh

2010 Carlisle Road, York

Phone: 717-764-2667


Varities: Labatt Blue, Kaliber (made by Guinness), Buckler, St. Pauli Girl, Coors, Old Milwaukee, Busch, Beck's, O'Doul's, Clausthaler, Genesee, and Paulaner

C&D Bar & Grill

6465 York Road, New Oxford

Phone: 717-479-5369


Varieties: Beck's, St. Pauli Girl

Holy Hound Taproom

57 W. Market St., York

Phone: 717-855-2410


Varieties: While not all at once, Holy Hound has had Clausthaler, Beck's, St. Pauli Girl and Buckler, made by Heineken, in its fridge.

The Vault Pizza & Deli

1990 Carlisle Road, York

Phone: 717-764-6666


Variety: Labatt Blue

Glen Rock Mill Inn

50 Water St., Glen Rock

Phone: 717-235-5918


Variety: Beck's

The Valley Tavern

1 Cherry St., Seven Valleys

Phone: 717-428-3843


Variety: Buckler

Spry Beer and Soda

2426 S. Queen St., York

Phone: 717-741-6886


Varieties: Beck's, Busch, Buckler, Coors, Kaliber, Labatt, O'douls, O'Doul's Amber, Old Milwaukee, St. Pauli Girl and Warsteiner

North York Beverage Co.

1848 Susquehanna Trail, York

Phone: 717-848-6054

Varieties: O'Doul's, St. Pauli Girl, Buckler, Labatt Blue, Coors, Old Milwaukee and Busch

Golden Brew Distributing

3995 N George Street Extension, Manchester

Phone: 717-266-0817

Varieties: O'Doul's, Busch, St. Pauli Girl, Old Milwaukee and Beck's

Mark Walters drinks non-alcoholic beer exclusively. Contact him at 771-2032 or follow him on Twitter at @walt_walters.

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