There are many different stories about when and where the first margarita was prepared.

Many origin stories say the drink was created in the early- to mid-1900s, served somewhere in Mexico, with tequila and lime juice as two of its key ingredients.

Today, tequila and lime juice remain staples in the classic margarita, but there are many twists on the classic.

Here are five versions of the drink to try locally.


Tracey Botterbusch said she earned her nickname Rockstar after a night of singing karaoke. She passed that name on to a margarita she created at Westgate Restaurant and Lounge.

"Years ago, we used to have Tex-Mex night, and we created our own margarita for that night," said Botterbusch, the bar manager. Even though there's no longer a Tex-Mex night at Westgate Restaurant and Lounge, the Rock-a-rita is still on the menu.

"It's pretty popular," Botterbusch said.

The ingredients? Parrot Bay Passion Fruit Rum, tequila, triple sec, strawberry puree and blue Curacao.

"It turns a really cool purple color," Botterbusch said.

The drink costs $8.50.

This tropical cocktail gets its name from Jimmy Buffett music is often heard on the deck at Bay City Restaurant in Hanover.

It's a "great summer margarita," said bar manager Lisa Bell.

Although it's especially popular during the summer months when the deck is open, the drink is served year-round, Bell said.

The drink consists of tequila, blue Curacao, triple sec, sugar water, sour mix and lime juice.

"It's a pretty blue color," Bell said. She said it's served with a lime wedge, and customers can get salt or sugar on the rim of the glass if they ask for it.

She said it's not uncommon for customers to order the Buffett Blue margarita while they're having wings or an appetizer.

The drink costs $6.50.


El Serrano on East Market Street in Springettsbury Township keeps its drink recipes secret, so it won't divulge all the details that go into making one of their signature cocktails.

But manager Bethany Trask provided the basics of the Sangarita, a margarita, sangria hybrid.

A blend of several liquors go into the drink, as well as house-made red sangria, lime juice and sour mix.

"A lot of customers like it," Trask said."I think it's a well-rounded drink. It goes with everything."

The drink, which turns a light purple color, costs $8.

Hot Rod Deluxe

To go with the automobile theme of FenderZ Grill & Pub inside the Wyndham Garden York in West Manchester Township, bar manager Chuck Potter wanted all his bartenders to create a drink with a car-themed name.

One bartender created the Hot Rod Deluxe, a margarita that can turn out deep red or light pink depending on how much grenadine is added, Potter said. He said the street rods were in town at the time the drink was created.

In addition to grenadine, the drink is made with Cuervo Gold tequila, triple sec, sour mix, a splash of pineapple juice and a splash of Sprite. Garnish with a slice of orange and a cherry.

"It's only served on the rocks," Potter said, explaining that the fruit juice in the drink doesn't allow it to freeze correctly for a frozen margarita.

The drink costs $5.50.

Coconut Blue

The classic margarita is by far the most popular drink served at El Rodeo along Route 30. But, the prettiest drink served at the restaurant is probably the Coconut Blue, said server Laura Mendez.

Made with sour mix, margarita mix, tequila, coconut rum, blue Curacao and pineapple juice, the drink comes out a bright blue.

"It's so happy," Mendez said of the color. "People, when it gets to their table, say, 'Oh, my, it's so pretty.'"

Mendez said the flavor of the margarita is fruity, but mellow compared to a classic margarita. "You can taste the coconut and the pineapple juice," she said.

The drink is served in a glass without salt or sugar on the rim, unless the customer requests it. It costs $8.50.

Make a classic margarita

To mix a classic margarita you will need a cocktail shaker, ice and a strainer.

Add .75 ounces of freshly squeezed lime juice, an ounce of orange liquor, such as triple sec, and 1.5 ounces of tequila to a shaker and add ice, according to

Shake well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. If you like salt on the rim of your glass, prior to pouring the cocktail into the glass, use lemon or lime juice to wet the rim, and then dip into salt.

Once poured, garnish the drink with a lime wedge or wheel.

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