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Um ... This is Kim Kardashian's 'no makeup' look

Kim Kardashian created a stir Sunday by announcing that she wouldn't wear makeup to a Paris Fashion Week show. We repeat: "No makeup."

Then she tweeted a photo as evidence.


To us, it looks as though Kardashian either has unbelievably flawless skin, or she has a different definition of "no makeup" than most do. We're leaning toward the latter.

It appears that Kardashian is going for the so-called "makeup-free" look popularized by celebrities like Alicia Keys (who in fact uses false eyelashes in her eyebrows) and which is actually achieved by using a number of cosmetics. In Kardashian's case, we're guessing light foundation, mascara, brow pencil, lip balm and eyeshadow all played a part in her look.

If Kardashian said she went undergarment-less in the photo that shows her in a trenchcoat-as-a-top, that we'd probably believe.