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York restaurants our editor loves

People ask me where to eat in York a lot. I live in York, grew up in York County and I’d rather go out to eat than stay in and cook. So, I get it. I’m prepared to answer. Honestly, there are quite a few places in York I recommend, depending on preferences. But, here are a few of my stand-bys in no particular order:

Mexitaly Brick Oven Brewhouse, 2440 E. Market St.  

It’s no secret I love Mexitaly’s fish tacos and pizza. An added bonus is the beer, brewed in-house. The Vanilla Porter is one of my favorites. For people looking for a fresh lunch with lots of flavor and a casual dining experience, I direct them here.

Kissho Sushi, 970 S. George St. 

When I first moved to York, I lived in a place on South George Street and Kissho became my go-to place for dinner. Located in The Colonial Shopping Center near York Hospital, it doesn't look like much from the outside. Inside, it's full of welcoming Japanese decor. I think sushi is best enjoyed at a restaurant with a cup of hot tea. So, for me, this is perfect. The service is awesome and the food is good. The Phoenix Roll is my favorite – it’s packed with shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber and topped with spicy tuna.

Otto’s Kitchen and Cocktails,19 N. George St. 

Otto’s is a new favorite. I’ve actually only gone once, but it made such a good impression, I’m recommending it to friends and planning another visit. The chicken and waffles is spectacular (it’s a lunch portion). The 1920's-style drink list is also nice – the crafted cocktails are tasty and they also have mocktails for those looking for something without alcohol.

Central Family Restaurant400 N. George St.

OK, if you like diner food, stick with me. If not, move along. Maybe it’s something I picked up in college, but I just really appreciate a big, cheap breakfast. I could eat French toast and bacon all day. So, on Saturday or Sunday mornings when I’m really hungry, Central Family Restaurant is the usual place I go to. There’s also something charming about the mismatched coffee mugs.

Simply Soup in York Central Market, 34 W. Philadelphia St. 

When I’m able to get downtown on Central Market days, I rarely pass up the opportunity for a soup and grilled cheese combo at Simply Soup. I typically go for a seafood bisque and a bacon grilled cheese (these sandwiches are the real deal – the thick bread alone will fill you up).

Roburrito’s, various locations

Everyone has their burrito place preferences and mine is Roburrito’s. Ironically, I never get the burrito when I go. I always opt for the Burritodilla with steak and pour on the Midnight Mango sauce. There are several locations in York. I’m usually at the one in Eastern Market, but my favorite location is actually in downtown Lancaster because it has a larger dining space.

Don't see your favorite York restaurant? Shoot Ashley an email at and it could be featured in an upcoming FlipSidePA article.