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York Sandwich House packs the flavor

It doesn’t take long to realize the great flavors awaiting at the West York Sandwich House. In fact, immediately upon parking the car at the restaurant on West Market Street, the amazing smell hits.

If you like sandwiches – which we do – this is a place for you.

Located in the building that once housed Friendly’s Restaurant, owners Vicki and Angel Garcia and staff have taken being friendly a step further, making sure customers feel welcome.

That approach has produced a steady group of regular customers at the shop after only one month in business. Community is the key.

“I was born and raised in West York and went to school at West York,” said Vicki Garcia. “It’s going very well. We weren’t sure how it would take off at first, but the local community really has come out. We have a lot of regular people coming back daily. Some come in for breakfast and will come back for dinner.”

Simple, delicious and affordable is how I would describe the place I visited two days before Christmas with my children to kick off their holiday break from school.

After our food arrived, I went to fill my drink cup and came back to the table to a resounding two thumbs up from my 9-year-old daughter, Alexis.

“Tell them the cheeseburger is really good,” Alexis said.

My 13-year-old son, Andrew, in the mid-bite of a teenager, echoed the words by saying, “It’s so good,” as he devoured his Kansas City Chicken Sandwich with bacon, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce.

I asked for the sandwich the shop sells the most of and got the Philly Cheese Steak Sub with French Fries.

The plentiful portion of fries – which all sandwiches come with – were excellent. The sandwich was tasty with a nice mix of onions and peppers, and a pretty good tomato sauce on the side, which I prefer. Sometimes I want sauce on the sandwich and sometimes I don’t.

“It’s a 9-inch sub, so it’s a nice size,” said Vicki when asked about the popularity of the sub. “(Customers like) the fact the peppers and onions mixed in together. That is a just a very popular sandwich.”

Everything fits in with what she described as “Angel’s dream,” to own and run a restaurant.

“My husband has wanted a restaurant for a while,” Vicki said. “We both worked at restaurants for a long time, we found this place that was open and decided let’s go for it.

“Where he worked before everyone always liked his sandwiches. He thought, why go more? Just stick with sandwiches. Since they only have so much time to eat, we need something we can turn over and make in a quick time manner.”

The overall menu has plenty of options, from wraps to sandwiches, melts and subs. There is a variety of burgers, triple decker clubs sandwiches and chicken fingers.

The shop also offers breakfast, ranging from eggs and omelets to pancakes, French toast, plus breakfast sandwiches and wraps, served with tater tots.

“We decided that we also wanted to go for the full breakfast since we have the tables and have the capability here,” said Vicki. “We were just going to do sandwiches at breakfast, then decided why not do the full breakfast, and extend it to something more.”

Still, the restaurant takes it beyond the typical meal hours. Not only will they make breakfast sandwiches all day, but they will prepare a typical lunch sandwich in the morning before someone heads to work.

One thing you won’t find at the West York Sandwich House is high prices. Everything is reasonable, especially taking into account the amount of food.

Keeping prices down keeps right in tune with the neighborhood philosophy and the community is responding nicely.

While there, one of their lunch regulars was asked by the staff if he would be in the next day. He said he wouldn’t because he wasn’t working, but would be in for breakfast between the holidays.

We may have to do the same thing.

If you go

Location: West York Sandwich House, 2301 W. Market St. York

Cuisine: Sandwiches and breakfast

Steve's pick: Philly Cheese Steak Sub with French Fries

Parking: Lot

Hours:   7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Price range: $1.99 for French toast to $6.49 for triple decker sandwiches

Alcohol: No

Accepts: Cash and credit

Takeout: Yes

Kid's menu: No

Details: Call 717-793-9114 or search for West York Sandwich House on Facebook