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Get the skinny on What the Food Trucks in York

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Food trucks from across the Northeastern U.S. will flood York on Labor Day weekend for What the Food Trucks, the new food truck party in Penn Park.

Even though the event is more than a month away, we're eager to get our hands on as much of the great food as possible.

Full menus will be unveiled in the near future, but here's a taste of who's already announced for the event.

This may be torture if you're reading this before lunch, but it's time to get excited for What the Food Trucks!

For more information, view their page on Facebook and event pages.

Dough Heads Waffles

Based in: Lancaster

Known for: Dough Heads Waffles features a variety of stuffed waffles including chicken and gravy, buffalo chicken, pork belly and “Break the Fast” which includes brown eggs, bacon and sharp cheddar cheese.

Mr. D’s Concessions

Based in: Pennsylvania and Delaware

Known for: A “gourmet on the way,” the big item at Mr. D’s is the “Nugget Boat” — a load of crispy potato bites, covered with your choice of toppings including pork, chicken or sausage.

Agin Cajun

Based in: Harrisburg

Known for: Agin Cajun’s “back porch” features a mixture of Cajun cuisine and Texas-style barbecue. Some items they’ve served include crab and shrimp mac & cheese, gumbo and a shrimp PoBoy.

Bountiful Feast

Based in: Lititz

Known for: This Lancaster County-based food truck includes options from breakfast burritos, chicken and pineapple kabobs and chicken pesto.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood

Based in: Baltimore

Known for: When a seafood truck is from Baltimore, you can expect the traditional items, such as crab cakes and crab fries. Don't sleep on the Baltimore-South Central PA combination of both crab and pretzel.

Lancaster Brgr

Based in: Lancaster

Known for: If the name didn't give it away, they're all about burgers! Options include the original, the BBQ bacon, and a Jalapeno burger, complete with Pepper Jack cheese, bacon and a fried egg. Be still my beating heart!

Lancaster Cupcake

Based in: Lancaster

Known for: Who doesn't like cupcakes? Cupcake combinations include hybiscus mango, lemon lush, caramel macchiato and more

Rocky’s BBQ

Based in: Lancaster

Known for: If loving good barbecue is wrong, I don't want to be right. This truck features barbecue staples, such as pulled pork, brisket and mac and cheese.

Smoothie King

Based in: United States

Known for: Drinks that'll keep you Smooth like Carlos Santana on a late summer afternoon.

Surf and Turf Truck

Based in: New Jersey

Known for: As the name suggests, the menu features both seafood and meat options, including signature lobster rolls or the rosemary steak sandwich.

Sven’s Café

Based in: Marietta

Known for: Sven's highlights their sandwiches, wraps and paninis, including the mojo cuban sandwich, the green machine wrap and the turkey & avocado panini.

Taco Camino

Based in: York

Known for: Get ready for some pain, with a hot sauce so hot that it will give you a "slap in the face." Don't worry, there is a "crowd pleasing" mild sauce as well.Taco Camino features tacos with either barbacoa (steak), carnitas (pork) or chauchas (grilled green beans tossed in brown butter with tomato salsa and cotija cheese.

The Perk Up Truck

Based in: Topton

Known for: This event isn't that early, but if you're nursing the Sunday morning hangover, this truck is a must-see. The Perk Up truck is known for their drinks, from locally roasted coffees and lattes to frozen lemonade and smoothies.

The Roaming Raven

Based in: Newark, Delaware

Known for: Their tots, from "naked" to "kitchen sink tots" which contain Old Bay, barbecue pork, fried egg and cheese whiz.

Uncle Paul’s Stuffed Pretzels

Based in: Pennsylvania

Known for: How do you take a Southcentral Pa. staple and kick it up a notch? Stuff it! Uncle Paul's stuffed pretzels has a unique combination of stuffed pretzels, from bacon cheeseburger filling to dessert fillings like apple or cherry.

Mara-Leo’s Italian Food Truck

Based in: Lancaster

Known for: How about a taste of Italy? Mara-Leo's dishes out Italian staples including pasta to and some savory meatball subs.

Chick N’Cone

Based in: Northeast U.S.

Known for: Chicken and waffles are a hall of fame combination. Chicken served in a waffle cone is even better.

Forno Bova

Based in: York

Known for: This pizza oven-on-wheels cooks up a thin, airy and bright Neapolitan-style pizza. The oven-on-wheels reaches temperatures of 900 degrees, which makes for a bubbly, charred and crunchy crust without getting the cheese rubbery.


Based in: Boyertown

Known for: A mixture of sandwiches including The Berks — fried Lebanon bologna, cream cheese, apple butter and Good's potato chips on a grilled potato bun.

Green Bowl

Based in: Baltimore

Known for: This truck features Asian and Latin-inspired cuisine including bibimbap (a mixed rice Korean dish), mofongo (a Puerto Rican dish centered-around mashed green plantains) and tostones (twice-fried plantain slices that you won't stop talking about).


Here We Dough

Based in: York

Known for: Ever want to have more than just one doughnut without feeling bad about it? Here's your chance! This truck features a variety of premium flavors catered to each event.

Kona Ice

Based in: Several locations throughout the United States

Known for: Flavored shaved ice is always tasty, but it's even better when you get to flavor your own ice.

Mad Dash Concessions

Based in: York

Known for: "Killer Grilled Cheese" — a combination of three cheeses grilled between two slices of thick-cut homestyle bread from Terranetti's Italian Bakery in Mechanicsburg.

Mr. Bills Quality Seafood

Based in: York

Known for: Great seafood with a constantly-changing menu that has included jumbo lump crab cakes and fried calamari rings.

Savory’s Pumpkin Funnel Cakes

Based in: York

Known for: The truck features Apple Pie Funnel Cake, which was just highlighted on an episode of "Carnival Eats."

Scoops and Lil Scoops

Based in: Mountville

Known for: Menus are customized for any event, but be prepared for anything from burgers and dogs, to chicken and waffles, to ice cream in cones, dishes or shakes.

Soul Burrito

Based in: Harrisburg

Known for: Who doesn't like a burrito? Heathens, obviously. Soul Burrito's burritos feature different takes on the burrito, including blends of Caribbean, Latin, Mexican or soul food.

Sugar Whipped

Based in: Lititz

Known for: Another bakery staple at the event, Sugar Whipped features cupcakes without artificial ingredients. The menu includes items from cupcakes to whoopie pies.

The Chicken Truck

Based in: Harrisburg

Known for: Anything a chicken lover could ask for — from tenders and wings to breasts and pulled barbecue chicken.

The Cow & The Curd

Based in: Philadelphia

Known for: Unless you're making regular pilgrimages to the cheese empire of Wisconsin, you probably haven't had cheese curds before. The Cow and The Curd has brought this Midwest staple to Pennsylvania.

Vie Vie’s Gourmet Reubens

Based in: Central Pa.

Known for: "Reubens on the Run"


Based in: York

Known for:  If you've lived in York and haven't seen the Brickers truck rolling around, you haven't been looking. Bricker's famous french fries are a York must have item.

Mad Sandwiches

Based in: Harrisburg

Known for: A mix of Latin cuisine and sandwiches including Cuban sandwiches and Mexican Tacos

Crossroads Bistro

Based in: Washington, D.C.

Known for: Ever wish you could blend the cold cut goodness of a Reuben with a flavorful quesadilla? These mad scientists at the Crossroads did just that. They also blended other culture staples including a Spanish Coney Island Dog and a Curry Burrito.

Lickity Split

Based in: New Holland

Known for: It's not a good idea to start screaming in the middle of a food truck event, but you can still get excited for this hand-dipped ice cream.

Anthony J. Machcinski is the Food and Drink reporter for the York Daily Record and FlipSidePA. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.