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STEAM Ramen coming to Taste Test York

While some might think of ramen as a last resort for a young college student seeking to save a buck, the next installment in the Taste Test York series will prove that Ramen isn’t just a cheap meal.

STEAM, a restaurant that features scratch-made Asian dumplings, noodles and ramen, is coming to YorKitchen in October for the newest Taste Test audition.

The restaurant owners are Peri Papayannis & Zoey Zhang Papayannis York residents who lived in China and New York City before returning to York.

"I was born and raised in York, and I've been gone so many years, and things have changed," said Peri Papayannis. "Everything's become a lot more diverse. There's plenty of pizza and burgers, but people wants something else. I was actually walking downtown looking for a spot where I could open a restaurant for this [kind of food] when I came across the Taste Test York sign on Beaver [Street], so it kind of worked out."

The tasting menu features a variety of dumplings including crab or curry beef-filled options. STEAM also features traditional Shoyu Ramen, a bowl of slow cooked broth with chicken, ramen noodles, soy sauce, egg, nori, scallions and pickled ginger.

Papayannis' favorite dish is the Sichuan steak stir fry, "but that could change tomorrow," he said on Wednesday.

"We knew we wanted some kind of Ramen noodle bar concept. If nobody came to us with the idea, we were going to try to find someone that had the skills to make it happen in some way because we knew that there was a demand for it in the community," said Allison Witherow, creative director for Taste Test York. "So when they came along with the skills, developed (delicious!) recipes, and the drive to make it happen, it was a no brainer."

Previous installments of the series included King Brat, a fast casual dining restaurant featuring hot dogs and sausages, and an Indian Fusion restaurant.

If you go...

What: STEAM Taste Test Auditions

When: Friday October 7- Lunch & Dinner
Saturday, Oct. 8- Dinner
Saturday October 15- Dinner
Sunday October 16- Lunch & Dinner

Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Dinner is served from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Where: YorKitchen, 37 W. Clarke Ave., York

More information: