When Adams County Winery introduced its new summer sangria in a pouch instead of a traditional bottle, staff said they had no idea how quickly the product would fly off the shelves.

The winery packaged 1,200 pouches, each one equal to a 1.5-liter bottle of the sweet, red wine and named it "Just Giggles" in hopes of selling it throughout July and August, said Katie Martin, general manager for the winery.

As of July 16, the winery only has about 500 pouches left, Martin said.

"Sales have been phenomenal," she said. "We have enough for probably July, but definitely not August."

This is the second year the winery has featured the pouch, but the first time it has been able to decorate the pouch with custom designed labelling.

Winery staff came across the idea for a pouch at a trade show last year when the company AstraPouch pitched the idea for an environmentally friendly and unbreakable wine container, Martin said.

The pouch has an 80-percent reduced carbon footprint on the environment than glass, according to the AstraPouch website.

"It never oxidizes because you don't get air into it the same way you do with a bottle," she said. "It will last 30 days in refrigerator as opposed to seven days with a bottle."

The pouch does not run the risk of shattering when people take it along on summer activities, Martin said.

"It can be thrown in your cooler or backpack to take on the lake on a boat," she said, adding that the pouch could even safely be submerged in water.

The pouch, which is equivalent to two standard bottles of wine, costs $24.99 each and will be making a return next summer, Martin said.

"People just love it and say 'wow' when they try it," she said. "We've heard a lot of giggling."

Buy the wine

The "Just Giggles" sangria wine pouch as available for sale at The Farm Winery on Peach Tree Road in Ortanna, the Wine Shop on Chambersburg Street in Gettysburg and the Wine Shop at the Markets at Hanover on Broadway.

The pouch sells for $24.99.

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