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Lebanonade: Try this jalapeno lemonade cocktail

The Lebanonade was a big hit at our happy hour at The Foundry Craft Grillery in Lebanon Friday night.

The cocktail has a jalapeno and lemon flavor.

If you missed the happy hour Friday, try the cocktail at home with this recipe.



1 sliced jalapeno pepper

1 oz. simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water)

3 oz. vodka

3 oz. sour mix (1/3 lemon juice, 1/3 water, 1/3 simple syrup)


1 lemon slice


Place jalapeno pieces in a bowl of simple syrup so the flavor infuses in the syrup. Then, pour 1 oz. of the infused simple syrup, 3 oz. of vodka and 3 oz. of the sour mix in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake the mixture, pour it into a glass and top it off with Sprite. Garnish with a lemon slice, and enjoy.

-- Recipe courtesy of Alex Norca, bartender at The Foundry Craft Grillery